Using the vast experience and contacts gained over the years within its sister company, Newberry International Produce Ltd, Smootheelicious source over 50 fruit & vegetable varieties from growers and processors throughout the world. Managing the complexity of changing seasons, worldwide demands and unforeseen situations such as extreme weather, crop failures and economy.

As expert fruit importers with decades of experience, we check our produce at every stage of the process. Ensuring our customers receive only the finest fruit & vegetables.

Smootheelicious are committed to our global responsibilities and therefore endeavour to make responsible choices when sourcing wherever possible.

We only source our products from BRC or equivalent accredited factories throughout the world, meaning quality is never compromised.

Commitment to Excellence

Smootheelicious is 100% committed to offering the very best in customer service, providing the highest quality products at a very competitive price.

Smootheelicious will always be at the forefront of market trends and innovation and works closely with our customers on new product development. ¬†Whether it be Gill traipsing through the Amazon rainforest sourcing super fruits or working with the younger generation to create the next ‘big’ smoothie phenomenon we are 100% committed to our customers requirements.