The Café Life’s 2015 New Café Beverage Award (Cold category)


Newberry International Produce Ltd are very proud to announce that our Premium Brand Smootheelicious Fruit & Vegetable Pre-portioned Sachets have won another prestigious award; The Café Life’s 2015 New Café Beverage Award (Cold category) making us triple award winners in 2015.

Following on from scooping two awards at the British Frozen Food Federation Awards back in June, The Café Life Awards, held in conjunction with Lunch – The contemporary food to go show took place on Thursday 24th September 2015 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in the heart of London.

The host of the show was celebrity chef and café entrepreneur Aldo Zilli, speaking at the awards, Aldo Zilli said “Innovation in the sector is awesome. When I had my café in Soho about 15 years ago we tried things that were ahead of its time. Since then things have leapt forward in the café section and they are now closing in on the restaurant sector. The progress in the last year alone is immense and the artisan approach of cafes, using amazing produce is bringing us amazing food and beverages.

Speaking following the presentation, Gill Pearson Managing Director for Newberry International and creator of the Smootheelicious Brand said “We are absolutely over the moon to have won another prestigious award, especially seeing how the ongoing development and innovation in the Café world has brought our healthy smootheelicious product into the limelight to be recognised as the hottest new beverage product on the market. We were up against some big brands and when you see huge companies like Starbucks winning awards alongside you it really does hit home how well we have done.
Smootheelicious offers an extensive range of 100% IQF delicious, nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothies made for your convenience. Our frozen fruit is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) In terms of nutritional value, freezing is the best way of preserving fruit, freezing arrests the product at peak ripeness, preserving the vitamins and minerals which makes fruit so nutritious and more importantly removes any wastage that commonly exists with the use of fresh produce, therefore saving you money. The advantages of frozen are endless.

Smootheelicious sachets come in 120gm and 140gm sachets, and offer bespoke packing, recipes and branding into different size retail smoothie sachets to suit individual customer requirements.

What makes Smootheelicious stand out from other smoothie packs is we have carefully handpicked and chosen recipes that promote not only a fantastic flavoured drink but a healthy nutritious blend of fruits & vegetables that play an important role in keeping our bodies hydrated and healthy whether our customers are consuming them in a Café environment or a Hospital bed.

With NO added ingredients, additives, sugars or colours, this smoothie offers a genuinely fresh and nutritious drink, suitable for all age groups and tastes.

Smootheelicious sachets are ideal for quick service restaurants, foodservice providers, contract caterers, wholesalers, health spa’s & hotels, cafes, smoothie & juice bars, professional sporting outlets, care homes, private hospitals, education establishments, retail outlets, holiday entertainment resorts, home users…..the list is endless.


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